Oliver Broad [Actor November 2009 showcase] - 23/03/2010

"I had a Fantastic Experience with the RC Showcase. DEFINITELY the best money I've invested in my acting career in a LONG time. the whole method of working together to find the right piece, stacks of source material as well as our own, having a superb Director on board with whom we developed good pieces into a great ones, the attention to detail for the show itself, a fantastic central London venue that agents and casting directors could easily get to and the levels of commitment from all involved made for a great showcase in my opinion. We had a good audience turnout (50% capacity on both performances.) and over the following five or six weeks I had interest from five agents. (The best response I've EVER had to pursuing agents for representation.) I also feel I've made some great friends along the way not least of all Bronwen and you Emma. Thankyou so much once again!"

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