Alessia Gotti [Actress in April 2016 showcase] - 30/08/2016

"I would recommend it because you get to work with great people; just the 2 days of the workshop weekend are to me worth the money considering the insight into the industry, the business and how to sell yourself as an actor. The venue of the showcase is perfect and people turn up is good. The methodology of choosing pairs is also kind of magically well done; the organizers do make sure there is chemistry and the piece that you choose will fit your acting style and personality.  There is a nice vibe every time you meet with the organizers, a sense that this is really done because of the love and passion we share for acting and the business, you never feel you are paying for an experience, but more like we are a team doing something good for our carreer, no matter what the outcome is. You obviously get what you put into this, like with everything." 

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