Dynamic Breathwork with Jesse Torgerson

Dynamic breathwork is an easy-to-learn breath technique that is profoundly effective and safe for accessing and releasing physical and emotional holding patterns which inhibit breathing, creative flow and general well-being, allowing the actor to be open and present in each moment.   Group breathwork focuses on clearing participants’ issues which limit spontaneity and creative expression. Awareness of breathing in the present moment reveals unresolved past experiences that diminish aliveness and spontaneity.  

By bringing breath and awareness to the felt sense of the present moment, the bodymind is allowed to clear itself of deeply held tension and fear. Participants are encouraged to allow spontaneous expression, physically and emotionally, as the nervous system clears itself.  As a result of taking this workshop, participants can expect to experience increased well being and confidence in their inborn ability to clear themselves and thrive.



“Jessie’s work is very powerful! Her sessions are incredibly supportive, and she is strong and instinctive in locating the blocks which can get in the way of creative work and our everyday wellbeing. I can’t recommend her work enough for all actors, performers and creative practitioners. It’s brave and powerful stuff.”

- Dannie-Lu Carr, Writer, Director, Acting Coach and Creativity Specialist

“I had a 3hr private session with Jesse, I was sceptical and didn’t know what to expect .I believed I do not hold onto things. I let go and move on. I have to say I was blown away... It was so liberating, I released an enormous amount of emotion which I have been able to bring to my acting since with truthfulness. I thought I had experienced these emotions but letting them go is whole new ball game. I think perhaps before my session with Jesse I could only reach a low level of the emotions but now I can reach feel true deep emotions while acting, I have no blocking. I am going to have further sessions with Jesse as I have many more years of my life to explore with her. An experience I would highly recommend.”

  – Suzi Horton, Actor 

“I was lucky enough to work with Jesse during her first working visit to London in July 2016. ‘Dynamic Breathwork’ was something I'd heard of but never practiced. It proved to be an incredibly powerful experience, enabling me to understand why as an Asthmatic my breathing has habitually fallen into certain patterns that limit my vocal range and stamina and giving me an active strategy for combatting these. It can also help alleviate the stresses of immersing yourself in character for long periods of time. As a former actor herself Jesse really knows how the industry can effect individuals. The personal input she gives to each of her students is incredibly important. She is an exceptionally insightful practitioner and makes you feel completely at ease. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– Karen Brace, Actor

Group Practice

Group workshops are 3 sessions on 3 consecutive days:
Group 1: Mon 17 - Weds 19 July. 6.30pm - 9pm
Group 2: Fri 21 - Sun 23 July. 10.30am - 1pm.
Groups are limited to no more than 6 participants.
Venue: Diorama Arts Studios
Cost: £150

Private Sessions

2 hour private sessions combine Dynamic Breathwork with Cellular Release Therapy, a system of somatic point facilitation.  This powerful combination safely dissolves psycho/physical armoring that inhibit aliveness and well-being.  This armoring was useful earlier in one’s life but now has outlived its usefulness.  As these limiting holding patterns are accessed, negative core beliefs about self are revealed and transformed. Conscious dynamic breathing allows the nervous system to clear itself of the corresponding fear and tension.  Participants experience a renewed sense of authentic self and their ability to thrive in their lives.

Individual sessions are 2 hours long:
Various slots available daytime and evening from Monday 17 - Sunday 23 July 2017 (contact for details)
Venue: Diorama Arts
Cost: £150 for 1 / £125 per session for 2 or more

Further information: click here to visit Jesse's website

To enquire/book:


Phone: 07763 674142

The Actor as a Business

Participants in a previous RC workshop

One day workshop: This workshop focuses on you as a one-person business, helping you to answer the difficult questions: 

How can I market myself? 
How can I utilise social media to my advantage? 
How do I network? 
How can I get myself noticed in such an overcrowded industry? 
Who do I approach and how do I approach them? 
How do I stay positive? 
How can I feel ready in auditions when it's been a while since my last one? 
What's my casting type??!! 

This workshop also includes a 1:1 tutorial evaluating your marketing materials: CV, headshot, showreel and industry letters and emails. 

Date: TBC 
Time: 10am - 6pm
Venue: Diorama Arts Studios 
Cost: £60

For further info including details of how to apply email: emma@reducedcircumstances.co.uk

Auditioning by Heart with Crystal Carson

Auditioning by Heart with Crystal Carson

This 3 day on-camera intensive for professional actors merges technique with instinct, empowering actors to live and communicate, rather than memorise and perform. This human approach to auditioning makes auditioning fun... and profitable.

Learn the secret to emotional availability
Know how to never need a 'good reader'
Never memorise lines, know them 'by heart'
Turn the proving ground into a playground

and MORE, you'll experience the amazing benefits of the famous: THOUGH SUPPORT TECHNIQUE.

Discover ways to feel confident and supported in the character's thoughts, causing the lines to come to you without the need to reply on memorisation. This eye-opening technique keeps you spontaneous, fresh, unpredictable and authentic in the role.

Deepen your connection to the other character 
Listen and be present 
Fight for your objective 
Respond truthfully in the moment 

Dates: 26-28 May 2017

Venue: Diorama Arts Studios

Further information: click here to visit Crystal's website and click here to register your interest

If you have any queries, email: emma@reducedcircumstances.co.uk